Is white noise sleep aid scientific or deceptive

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Best analysisIs white noise sleep aid scientific or deceptive


The same is noise. Why does "white" make people feel relaxed and comfortable, even a little addictive. As the saying goes, "one white covers a hundred ugly people", has Yankong rolled from the field of vision to the field of hearing.fBFknowledgebles

Eh, wait a minute. How can the voice have color?fBFknowledgebles

Since there is white noise, is there also "red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple"rainbowWhat about the noise?fBFknowledgebles

Indeed, there are all kinds of colorful noises.fBFknowledgebles

Color of noisefBFknowledgebles

lightIt is an electromagnetic wave with different wavelengths and frequencies. In the range of visible light, those with low frequency show warm color, and those with high frequency show cool color. In the famous dispersion experiment, the sunlight can be decomposed into multiple color bands by a prism, which shows that the white light seen in the past is actually mixed by monochromatic light of various frequencies (colors).fBFknowledgebles


Dispersion phenomenonfBFknowledgebles

Sound is a mechanical wave with different wavelengths and frequencies. Noise refers to the irregular and disordered sound in the acoustic frequency band that can be heard by the human ear. Although it changes randomly, it still has statistical characteristics, which can be distinguished by power spectral density, and different noises are named by color by analogy with light waves. There are red noise and orange noise that reduce the spectral density with the increase of frequency, and blue noise and purple noise that increase the spectral density with the increase of frequency. For white light, the noise with uniform power spectral density is white noise.fBFknowledgebles


White noise power spectrumfBFknowledgebles

Of course, absolutely ideal white noise is difficult to exist in realitynaturalThe sound of rain and streams is only close to white noise or pink noise. The difference between pink noise and white noise is mainly in high frequency. The power of the high frequency part of pink noise is lower. Because the human ear is more sensitive to high frequency sound, some people prefer "pink" to "pure white".fBFknowledgebles

Use of white noisefBFknowledgebles

Back to the beginning, why white noise is not boring, but helps listeners stay focused.fBFknowledgebles

Whether it's the whistle on the road or the footsteps from upstairs, these noises have certain meanings and will change with the rhythm. The biggest meaning of white noise is that it has no special practical significance and will not distract people. Research shows,brain fBFknowledgebles

It will resonate with the monotonous and regular sounds of the outside world, and cover up the rest of the sounds at the same time, playing a masking effect. Because there is no change, it will not cause physiological recognition and attention. It will unconsciously weaken the noise that may affect itself, and it is easier to immerse in the current activities.fBFknowledgebles

In addition to learning and working, white noise can be played as background music to improve concentration. Among the major music software, white noise is also high on the list of sleep aid songs, which is considered to have the magic effect of alleviating the late night emo and improving the quality of sleep. The white noise label is also commonly used in the sleep aid products on the market.fBFknowledgebles

Is white noise reliable to help sleep?fBFknowledgebles

It has become a current trend to use white noise as a non-drug rational method to improve sleep quality. Is this a flicker of capital orscience fBFknowledgebles

What about the Gospel of?fBFknowledgebles

Let's take a look at the results of researchers:fBFknowledgebles

Researchers from the Royal Medical Research Institute in London have studied the effect of white noise on children's sleepbaby fBFknowledgebles

80% fell asleep, while only 25% of the control group who did not listen to white noise fell asleep. They said that noise had certain effect on promoting sleep. However, it is worth noting that both data sets have only 20 digits.fBFknowledgebles

U.S.A fBFknowledgebles

Researchers from Northwestern University conducted a study on the impact of pink noise on the sleep quality of the elderly, and found that the elderly who slept with pink noise were more likely to enter deep sleep, and achieved good results in the memory test the next day. It is also worth noting that the data set is only 13 bits.fBFknowledgebles

In order to systematically explore the relationship between white noise and sleep, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the United States, after combing 38 previous relevant research documents, came to the following conclusion: white noise can play an auxiliary role in the treatment of some nervous system diseases, and can also cut off the impact of other noises to a certain extent. However, despite the popularity, the effect of continuous white noise on improving objective and subjective sleep is not clear, In the past, the analysis of results was often based on small sample analysis data sets, and the support of arguments was not strong enough.fBFknowledgebles

There are also some mouse experiments that have no direct correlation but have reference value. The results show that:fBFknowledgebles

White noise may delay the brain development of young rats, resulting in abnormal development of the cerebral cortex responsible for hearing and language learning. At the same time, long-term exposure to white noise will reduce the sensitivity of the brain to auditory space, and even damage the brain's comprehensive ability to perceive sound and position.fBFknowledgebles

Poor little helpless ratfBFknowledgebles

Use suggestionsfBFknowledgebles

Whether to help sleep or isolate noise, we should avoid using white noise for a long time to prevent dependence. Even if magic can be used to defeat magic, white noise is only a way to combat noise. It is better to stay away from the noisy environment as far as possible and improve your concentration ability.fBFknowledgebles

I recommend you read more about“white noise ”Cold knowledge offBFknowledgebles


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